IRA Roll Over

Buying a franchise, business or growing an existing business?

Take your Retirement out of Retirement and Invest in Yourself.

Our program is a Self-Directed Retirement Structure that permits Individuals to Actively invest their Retirement Funds into a Franchise without incurring early withdraw penalties or Taxes. You don’t have to worry about the fillings we will take care of it.

This franchise or business funding solution offers significant benefits over any other funding source available.

Using your IRA as a funding source for new or existing businesses adds significant advantages over debt type financing. Because retirement funds can be structured as an investment into the business, there are no corresponding debts that can increase business overhead.


  • Substantial tax benefits through tax deferred growth of owners business
  • Debt service is substantially reduced or eliminated
  • Checkbook control
  • Lower cost option versus traditional funding alternatives
  • Retirement asset pledge requirement waived through traditional lending sources
  • Pay back of retirement investment not required in the event of business failure
  • Substantial tax benefits with exit strategy